My name is Noemi Alejandra, daughter of two languages and the southern mountain.


Photo by  Zhara Negrete

Photo by Zhara Negrete

Xicanita [CHiˈkänä] is what I was endearingly called growing up in the outskirts of downtown Phoenix, Ariz. by my mother's brother. Daughter of Mexican immigrants, I was the first born in the US and thus was born the first Chicana in the household – whose first words were a combination of Spanish and English: never an expert in one, always struggling and gracefully tumbling my way through the binary of two cultures.

I'm currently working as an A1 designer and editor for the USA Today Network at the Phoenix Design Studio – Gannett.

When not glued to my computer or photographing those around me, you can find me 3,000 feet in elevation at Yosemite or lost in the hills of Superstition Mountain.